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Individual home oil painting corridor design makes the corridor more interesting

It is not difficult for us to realize that walking through an empty corridor with two walls can be monotonous and tedious. Therefore, the principle of designing corridors is to avoid the sense of narrowness and dullness as far as possible. If the corridor is narrow, you may consider "using the wall as a mirror". It's a mirror mounted on one wall of the corridor. But this method is easy to give people a "vulgar" feeling, especially the use of brown glass. Or you can consider to set a wider colored glass mirror on the wall, surrounded by silver-white aluminium alloy bars framing, because the mirror glass is not landing, put some potted flowers at the foot of the mirror wall to foil, forming a top-down echo of the scene.
Some entrance corridors are graceful lines, and the door is facing a tall wall, making the whole corridor dark and stuffy, and once you enter the room, you feel depressed. What should I do? Designers can make bold "destruction" by removi…
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Selection Skills of Decorative Oil Paintings

The selection of Extra Large Modern Painting must be in contrast to the color of the room. Black and White Abstract Canvas Art can play a role of painting the dragon in the interior. Colorful rooms can choose oil paintings with strong contrast; warm and elegant rooms can choose works with soft color. The tone of the oil painting is better than that of the room, but the color in the painting also corresponds to furniture and ornaments. Attention should also be paid to the coordination with the interior when purchasing Big Wall Art Online.

A good Large Modern Wall Art can enrich your connotation, enhance your taste and convey your value; a good oil painting can increase interest and harmonize the atmosphere; a good oil painting can be delivered to friends and emotions. Unlike Chinese landscape paintings, which are limited to themes and patterns, oil paintings can be delicately depicted - realistic, or freely rendered emotional - abstract. Perhaps it is because of its free soul and essen…

Horst-Abstract Acrylic Painting

Abstract Acrylic Painting-(1590.11-1656.4) born in Holland.
Early in the Utrecht and blumar painting.
He became a painter and soon became a major member of the Utrecht school of painting in the Netherlands.
He moved to Italy in 1610 and was influenced by caravaggio's "dark laws".
Caravaggio died in the same year, suffering from fever and cold,Large Canvas Art but his art did not end with his death. Instead, he was respected by European realist artists.
Caravaggio had almost universal effects in Spain, France, the Netherlands and Flanders.
Apart from Rubens and Rembrandt,Large Black and White Art  horst, a Dutch painter, is also an admirer of caravaggio.
He was determined to adopt this style as his model, and to compete with the academic style of the time.
When applying the colorific shading method of caravaggio, hunterhoster boldly used artificial light, such as candlelight, lighting, etc., to make the dark background of the picture and the light-receiving parts of the c…

Brief history of oil painting-abstract acrylic painting

Abstract acrylic painting
On this basis, French impressionist painters made innovative contributions in the use of color.They have absorbed the results of optics and dyeing chemistry,Great Big Canvas and solved the color problem of oil painting by the principle of mixing color and light.

A. c. monet, west weasley painters such as capture light scenery outside surface of the light changes color instant impression to the person, with thick coating of finely stroke will contrast color collocation, they recognize that the darker shade or shadow is not black changes, changed with single color painting tempered dark parts of the traditional practice, in the shadow and the shadow area and color collocation.
Due to the effect of visual physiology, the colorized spots look transparent and warm at a certain distance, and form a delicate transition.
Impressionism dilutes the sense of volume of scenery, strengthens color element, no longer rely on light and shade and line to form dimensional dist…

How to choose the mural after sofa

When we undertake decorating/abstract acrylic painting, besides should decorate its the style that oneself like, the place that still needs a few details undertakes decorating to decorate a job, only such ability can decorate our house the most perfect appearance.
When decorating a sitting room, the decoration of furniture is very important, and in our sitting room the wall behind the most important sofa is on, hang one face wall picture can bring very good adornment result.
So how do we choose the mural when we choose the mural?

What to hang behind sofa is good - the classification of sitting room sofa fresco
1. Divide by sofa body: murals of living room sofa with low back and living room sofa with high back.
The sofa of different form, also need different sitting room sofa fresco to undertake foil of course.

2. Divide by material materials: cloth art sitting room sofa mural, rattan living room sofa mural, leather art sitting room sofa mural and wooden sitting room sofa mural.

Hang a picture on the wall

Nowadays, the adornment of the picture has become fashionable below advocate of a lot of stylist, choose adornment picture to had become a kind of popular trend that the family decorates.A small decorative painting can add a lot of color to the home, but it is annoying to choose a suitable decorative painting is not easy, it is not easy to hang beautiful, which actually contains a lot of knowledge.

The decorative painting should match the decoration style
The place that sells adornment picture is very much, build material city, department store, street corner shop...Adornment picture can be bought everywhere, but make a person difficult is, choose which can reflect artistic grade, hang to

oneself home can feel comfortable.
The stylist suggests the style that should decorate according to oneself room, color, furniture and a few other existing adornment will choose appropriate adornment picture.For example, the adornment style of modern classicism, be about

to choose content from the pi…

Get Your Home Workplace With abstract acrylic painting Right

It's so easy to let a house office slide off the bottom of the decorating to-do list — after all, abstract acrylic painting for sale many visitors will never even find it. But the way this space is arranged and decorated can greatly impact productivity (and happiness) at home. Through finding the right area and furniture to arranging ideas, ergonomics, personal style, dealing with distractions and more, let's tackle that home office once and for all.

Check your ergonomics. Pay attention to how you feel after logging a few hours at the desk at home. If you have any pain or soreness, it's time to check the ergonomics of your setup.

Your seat height should be altered so that your ft can be flat on a lawn.
 Align your display screen with your sight line to avoid eye stress and shoulder stiffness. In case you have a laptop, consider placing it on a stand to adapt the elevation.
 Check the back support of your chair. Add a pillow or get a new seat if you have already been experi…